Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride
Directed by Alan Gibson
Written by Don Houghton
Release date January 13, 1974
Sequels  Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

The Satanic Rites of Dracula, released in the United States as Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride is the eighth film in the Dracula series.




Christopher Lee as Count Dracula
Peter Cushing as Prof. Lorrimer Van Helsing
Michael Coles as Insp. Murray
William Franklyn as Torrence
Freddie Jones as Prof. Julian Keeley
Joanna Lumley as Jessica Van Helsing
Richard Vernon as Col. Mathews
Barbara Yu Ling as Chin Yang
Patrick Barr as Lord Carradine
Richard Mathews as John Porter
Lockwood West as General Sir Arthur Freeborne
Valerie Van Ost as Jane
Maurice O'Connell as Hanson
Maggie Fitzgerald as Vampire Girl
Pauline Peart as Vampire Girl
Finnuala O'Shannon as Vampire Girl
Mia Martin as Vampire Girl
Peter Adair as Doctor


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